Saturday, February 21, 2009

Brick Carts along the Road

The same day again and the same mobile phone, but It was in the road. This carts attracted my attention as I passed this road. I often pass these carts, but today I could not keep my hand of taking the picture.

These carts are brick carts which are pulled by a cow or horse. They load a bricks to the city; usually they come from village where the people make bricks. They stopped for having a rest before continuing their journey. It is a common view to see this cart in Solo, even in the main road. Solo is developing, but I think we will not leave our tradition since many old people still live in a village in Solo, and of course we need them. They produce many things with lower prices than in the city. And the carts, I hope they will exist forever. I mean, hopefully I will not lose this view since it represents the simple life of solonese. Of course, Solo needs to develop but I don't want it becomes a different city where I can only find machines!!!

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