Sunday, February 22, 2009

Policeman in Action

I always feel bad with a policeman since I have ever had a complex business with them. I don’t know why, but in my imagination a policeman are frightening, beside I hate them for their arrogant manner (not all). Today, as we passed solo baru (the way to my cousin’s house in sukoharjo), a policeman stood in a distance, their brown uniform waved me (so dramatic). I could feel their existence with their brown uniform. Oh, no, I thought we had a bad luck. They had a patrol to hunt those without driver license and vehicle document (I don’t know in english). Luckily, it was only for motorbike, so my father continued driving.

I feel that this kind of patrol sometimes makes me feel to be a wanted person or criminal. So, I think it will be my victory when they found nothing to attack me that I have my driver license and vehicle document.hhh

Recently, they do this patrol more often here in Solo.

Eating Time

Today was so busy, happy, and nervous (for my cousin and aunt), since my cousin will marry. The man, whom she will marry to, came with his family to ask “officially” my aunt’s permission to marry my cousin. For us it meant a very good news and a busy day, but for me, it meant “eating”!!!

Indonesians usually have many foods for this kind of meeting. Nothing special actually, we can serve every kind of food we want. Maybe for some traditional people, it will be different. They will serve many traditional and special foods, and it is different between one region and another region.

But, today we had this...You may don't see rice in the pic, but I quarantee that rice is the main "actor"!!