Saturday, February 21, 2009

Green Part of Solo

Today…Sooo green and fresh, that’s what I felt when I took this photograph. I rarely pass this road when I came to have my Arabic private course, but today I didn’t know what attracted me to pass this road. I took my mobile phone and decided to take the picture with my left hand as my right hand drove my motorcycle. So, I think the picture is not good enough. It was cloudy, but as far I could saw green rice field stretched and blended with the grey sky. Amazing!!

I can not imagine that we will lose this real view in the next few years. Housing was the main problem that will replace rice fields. This picture I took in Gentan, not far from Solo city. Like many other region, we still can see rice field spread along the road especially in the countryside. Once, the old people said that all this green stuff spread in a very large land and they usually enjoyed the view while they were riding their bicycle. Nowadays, in this area, houses are built on the land that used to be a rice field. Housing problem has driven people to sell and to buy rice field. The need of land for housing increases the demand of land so that the price of the land increases. That’s why some owner of rice field eager to sell the land for the profit.

I can not deny that it is a dilemma. On one side the population keep increasing that drive for the need of housing, but on the other side the area for rice field is decreasing that will cause the lack of rice producing. That’s mean Indonesian will have no rice to eat…ooohhh noooo!!!!

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