Thursday, January 29, 2009

Women's Jihad

“In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful”

Dear, sister
I don’t know where I have to start this. Yesterday, I read a magazine, a jihad magazine. It’s so horrible to see that today islam is being attacked everywhere, not only in Palestine but also in many parts of the world. Muslims are struggling to keep their imaan and their land. In Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Moro, Xin Jiang, etc Muslims also struggle to free themselves from kuffar. What makes me to have so much concern about this is “the sister”. Our sisters in some part of the world in which kuffar take control of their land are struggling. It’s hard to say but the reality now is that the sisters are facing a very hard time, they have to see kuffar kill their husband, their children, and even rape them. I realize that I am so lucky that I live in my place now, but I as a muslimah and of course the other muslimah have a charge of what is happening. We, by the will of Allah, have a big role to save the ummah.

Muslimah have a big role in this ummah, we have a big contribution in the field of Jihad. I read an article which has opened my eyes about this. The maintenance of the ummah is based on the right and strong foundation. Strong foundation comes from the ummah itself. We as a woman have a big responsibility to set this foundation. Muslimah give birth new mujahid and mujahidah everyday. That is our role to be the first madrasah(school) for our children. Muslimah has a responsibility towards their husband and the family. It’s not only how we take care of our family, but also how we educate our children so that they grow to be the servant of Allah and to be a good khalifa in this world and in hereafter.

The first education of children will be at home and the parents have a big responsibility to what they have to teach to their children, of course based on Qur’an and Sunnah. The role of woman is very important because we are the closest person for them. We are with them everyday since they are still an embryo. The first education begins when they are an infant inside the womb. Children feel the love of Islam inside it, which is tied in mother’s love and sincerity towards the deen, and the implementation of the teaching of Islam. When a mother read Qur’an children will hear it through their heart before their ears, everything that is felt by the mother will be felt by the children either, InsyaAllah. What we teach can influence them so much especially in the early age. Since they are born, the first word that they hear is the words of Allah. It’s a base for them to know the reason why they are born, that is to be the servant of Allah and to be khalifah in this world.
It is no doubt that woman bear a big responsibility in the family. It is bigger than just giving a service toward the husband and feed the children. This responsibility is how we can educate our children and control their akhlaq so that they grow to be a tough Muslims with strong imaan that will lead this ummah.

“The Messenger of God, may God bless him and give him peace, also said: "Each child is born in a state of fitrah, but his parents make him a Jew or a Christian." (Reported in Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim).”

 I haven’t married, but I see today woman prefer to work outside the house pursuing career whereas the husband can fulfill their need rather than staying at home taking care of the family. That’s why some children who lack of attention turn to be uncontrolled and transgress the limit of the deen. Of course, we don’t wanna this happen. We have to plant the best quality of seed, watering them with imaan so that they grow to be strong muslims who will inherit the world.
Sometimes, I feel that this is gonna be hard for me since I am not a perfect muslimah, but I realize that this job is the way we show our pious to Allah swt. This is our job and jihad sisters, to produce the next generation of the ummah through our madrasah, unite the things that we will fight for together. We will teach the warriors of Allah so that they will be our mediator on the day where wealth and children is unuseful for us.

“They may destroy the first madrasah of mujahiddin, but another madrasah will be built and there will be many new mujahiddin born to lead this ummah in the way of Allah, because Allah promises us victory.”

(Thank 4 JihadMagz t give me the idea)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pemboycotan yang dilematis

Masalah boycott produk2 israel memang dilematis. Kemarin saja saat saya membawa daftar produk yang harus diboikot, teman-teman ada yang ragu apakah dengan memboycot produk-produk tersebut akan berpengaruh terhadap Israel. Toh, kita hanya membeli nama dan keuntungan yang dihasilkan tidak akan masuk ke kantong mereka.Yang ada nanti malah perekonomian indonesia yang akan ambruk.

Pendapat orang boleh berbeda-beda, tetapi menurut saya cara ini adalah satu jalan paling mudah yang bisa kita tempuh untuk memberikan dukungan kita terhadap saudara-saudara kita di Palestina dan gaza pada umumnya. Kita mungkin hanya membeli nama, tapi uang yang digunakan untuk membeli nama tersebut yang telah membangun kekuatan Israel untuk menghancurkan Palestina. Uang yang kita keluarkan untuk membeli McD misalnya, adalah uang yang digunakan untuk menutup uang yang dikeluarkan oleh pemilik McD di Indonesia untuk membeli nama. Itu sama saja kita memberikan uang kita kepada para pendukung Israel.

Masalah boycott yang malah akan merugikan negara kita sendiri sbenarnya tidak seratus persen benar. Bagaimana tidak, dengan boycott akan memacu pertumbuhan ekonomi lokal. Masyarakat yang dulu lebih suka membeli produk-produk asing akan beralih menggunakan produk dalam negeri yang dipercaya. hal itu akan memacu masyarakat Indonesia untuk membuka lapangan usaha baru. Misalnya saja kosmetik, saat ini banyak wanita yang lebih suka menggunakan kosmetik produksi asing (termasuk saya,hehe), dengan adanya pemboycotan ini maka kita bisa beralih untuk mencoba kosmetik buatan dalam negeri. Dengan begitu produk dalam negeri juga bisa berjaya di Indonesia, begitu pula dengan perekonomian rakyat.

Hal itulah yang selama ini menjadi dilema beberapa orang untuk ikut dalam aksi boycott. Hal kecil seperti ini akan meruntuhkan israel sedikit demi sedikit jika kita bersatu untuk mendukung saudara kita yang bahkan di ytanahnya sendiri tidak dapat hidup damai. Tetapi, semua ini memang individual. Bagi yang percaya bahwa boycot merupakan jalan yang terbaik maka marilah sama2 kita boycot. Bila tidak, tidak masalah. Toh, manusia punya hak asasi untuk mengatur barang apa yang ingin dia gunakan.

Wallahualam bissawab.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yes we can help...Boycott Israeli Products!!!

Again...again...I'm late to post

Let's see...I wanna talk about what had happened in the last 13 days. Holly land is being attackted, of course we know that. I has been 13 days and about 800 people died, the other 3000 injured. So far, nothing happened to help them inside their land. What do we wanna see? a massacre?another holocoust? We can do something, don't wait for the world leader to stand together against Israel. We can do ourselves. Pray to Allah everyday,and boycott every product which support Israel!!!