Sunday, February 8, 2009

Salute for You, Mr. Erdogan

The world got big news after a few days we only heard common and silly news about Israel and world leaders. The accident in world economic forum in Davos few days ago was a slap for some muslims leaders. Recep tayyip Erdogan, muslim prime minister from secular country, was doing a walk out after the panelist didn’t give him time to talk in a spat with Simon Perez. It was, I can say, fantastic news for us in the middle of silly news about Arabs leader and Israeli government. Time distribution in the forum was not fair; it seemed that the panelist gave more time to Simon Peres than Erdogan.

The disrespectful of the panelist and Peres shown us that the world has closed their eyes about what Israel had done in Palestine. Peres talked too much about Israel’s fantasy world that they are not the one who had to be blamed for the death of over 1500 civilians. On the other side, Erdogan had shown the world that Israel can be defeated and we can be arrogant too toward that pathetic Zionist. 

Many people especially in muslim world saluted him, even hamas leader gave him praises. Here is the transcript of the talk

Of course it’s became ironical, when most of leader from Muslim country afraid to bother Israel or even laugh with them, the leader from secular country did that in front of the other world’s leader. Erdogan attacked Perez with many facts that Israel is a barbarian constitute to their attack to Palestine. Only he, after Israeli’s attack, who talked explicitly about what the world had seen in Gaza. The funniest part was when erdogan walked to leave the forum, Secretary General of Arab League stood to shake his hand with a very confuse manner, but after that he back to sit. What we can see here is that Arabs are in dilemma. They are afraid of Israel, but on the other hand they are surprised by erdogan’s walk out. It’s of course is a slap for them. What role they have done in this problem, nothing, only curse but not did it explicitly just for a formality as a leader toward the problem in Palestine. Erdogan was also the one who ask the world to respect Hamas who won the election in Palestine. It’s Palestinian choice to leave the government to Hamas. Contradict with most of world leaders who blamed Hamas for Israeli’s attack.

As we know that so far only one muslim leader who is very controversial regard to the state of Israel (is it state??). Mahmud Ahmaddinejad is the only one who is brave to attack Israel explicitly about their corrupt in this world. Erdogan did that, although it’s probably just an emotional reaction, but he sure gave a good lesson for other muslim leaders. 

My opinion about Turkey was changing a lot after the accident. It was not a secular country which I see now, but a country in changing. Some people predict that the rise of Islam won’t come from Arab land but one of the places is Turkey. Under the rule of Erdogan and Abdullah gul, Turkey progresses a lot, but still religious issue became the one that is sensitive in this country although the new government comes from religious background. Some elements from secular party are worry about the influence of Islamic values brought by the new government. Erdogan is still working under the secular system, but he made some changes especially in education and economic. It has become one of powerful muslim country in the west especially and in the world generally.

The accident has shown the world that not all Muslim leaders are afraid and loyal to Israel and their alliance. Turkey has shown it explicitly in front of the world that they stand for Palestine. This should make the other muslim leader shy and realize that what Muslims world need is a brave and unity to beat all kuffar for the glory of Islam and for the peace of the world. It also has shown the world that Turkey is now developing to be a great power in international world.

Here is poem which landed Erdogan in jail.
“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers...”

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tikran.ablikim® said...

erdogan...He is a man of character...

banafsheh said...

aha,u like politic too?great.
wht u mean by "man of character"?

tikran.ablikim® said...

erdogan is my brother... is turk..
man of character=有骨气 OR 真正男人。。。

banafsheh said...

aha,yeah, u hav the same root with Turk. ur chinese letter??i dont understand.

I think erdogan n abdullah gul will bring changes to Turkey.Inshaallah