Thursday, June 12, 2008

R We the Same in Religion?

Issue of religion in Indonesia is never ending. There are five religions which are accepted by the government. As far we live peacefully in this country, there is nothing that intervene each religion. We stand in our own belief but we do not forget that we live in a various society. We still work together and manage our society well. Most people in Indonesia are moslems and some of us are Christian, chatolic, Hindu, and budha. Beside that there are still many sect exist.

This is the problem then that we live in diversity. Some people now ask for pluralism, we are the same. Ya, of course we are the same. We are the same in every aspect of live because we are human. We have the same right and have the same needed to express our feelings, but there is one thing that make us difference, that is religion. Some people say that we shouldn’t make religion to separate us because all religions are the same. The question is whether all religions are really the same? This question is not only for only one side but also every people who have religion.

Of course, they are different and so the followers. We belief in one religion, it means that we belief that this religion is right and others are wrong. If we say that all religions are the same then why we have to choose? People choose their own belief and do their own business related to their own religion. Religion is related to our relationship to our creature and many people believe in different belief of God. We shouldn’t make this as a big problem as far we understand and respect each other. We shouldn’t intervene other people’s religion since we have different opinion related to God.

This problem is not only general issue of religion but also related to the way we pray. Sometime we still don’t aware that this problem is serious. Pray is the essence of our way to communicate with God. Each religion has different way of pray, we can’t say that this is the same and we can do other religion’s too. And for the holly day, of course it is different too. Some people now giving remark of happy holly day each other. This is ironic since we have different idea of religion and think that our religion is the best. This is not our business to celebrate other religion’s holly day.

Without this manner I think we still can live peacefully as far we understand that we are different in religion and this is true that we shouldn’t intervene other religion eventhough those things aren’t bad.